STAG Useful information

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Southwark Traveller Education Support Service
A service to improve education for travellers in Southwark 1986 – 2011
Southwark School Admissions For School admissions through Southwark Council
Southwark Local Offer Southwark services for children with educational needs
Southwark Council: Traveller and Gypy section
Southwark Council: Housing Benefit and Council Tax complaints
Southwark Council: Comments, complaints and compliments
Southwark Local Support Scheme Help around your benefits with Southwark Council
Southwark Legal Advice Network Where to get legal advice in Southwark
Citizen Advice Southwark
Help with housing, welfare benefits, employment, conusmer, immigration and debt
Southwark Group of Tenant Organisation Campaigning for housing rights and council homes
Information on race discrimination for Traveller and Gypsys
Love London Working Help people into employment
Southwark Works Helping people access suitable employment
Health –
Govermental Report on impact of living situation on Gypsy and Travellers
A report by the Traveller Movement, commissioned by the National Inclusion Health Board, looking at how the living conditions of Gypsies and Travellers lead to poor health. 2016
Improving Traveller and Gypsy Health – Traveller movement 2015
Health Watch Information on health services in Southwark
What to do if your GP refuses to register you
Information on when a GP can refuse you and a letter to challenge them
Information on the Gypsy and Traveler site on health care Variety of health information online
Southwark Wellbeing Hub directory
Improving wellbeing in Southwark and helping access different services
Southwark Irish Pensioners A service for Irish Pensioners in Southwark
The Traveller movement
A variety of resources for the traveller community
London Gypsy and Travellers
A variety of resources including videos for the traveller community
Southwark Travellers Youtube Videos of Southwark Travellers
Southwark Travellers Men videos A focus of men in the Southwark Traveller Community
Videos – Be Counted Housing and Planning Law Update – 2015
Be Counted