Here at STAG, we’re being supported by the Greater London Authority (GLA) to raise awareness about the importance of voting, how to register to vote and changes to the way we vote. This is a good time to make sure you can vote, as we have Mayor of London and London Assembly elections coming up in May 2024 and we will have to have a General Election before January 2025.

Changes to the law on voting started from May 2023. Now, you need to bring an accepted form of photo ID along to the polling station when voting in person. These include a passport, driving licence, Blue Badge, over 60s Oyster photocard or a Freedom Pass.

If you don’t have one of these accepted forms of photo ID, you can apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate, although you’ll need to have registered to vote first. To register go to


It’s very easy to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate and it doesn’t cost anything. You can apply online or on a paper form that needs to be sent to your local Council. The only things you need are your name, address, date of birth and national insurance number, as well as 

a photo taken in the same way as a passport photo. That means the photo should be taken against a plain, light background, facing forward so that all your face can be seen. You shouldn’t wear a hat or other head covering, unless it is for religious reasons.

If you are happy going online, visit It only takes a few minutes, if you have everything ready and, you can go straight to the application even if you have only just registered to vote.

If you want to do a paper application for a Voter Authority Certificate, you need to contact y

our local Council. Enter your postcode here , to get their contact details. 

Here at STAG we’re worried that the new photo Voter ID requirement  may mean that those who are registered cannot vote on the day because they didn’t know about the change and don’t have one of the accepted forms of photo ID. Travellers already find it difficult to get the services they need. If politicians think that they will not be voting, they may think that they can get away with doing nothing to improve things for our communities. 

Your voice matters, so make sure it is heard. You can contact Kathleen, Alison or Noreen here at STAG if you want to know more, want help with applications for a free Voter Authority Certificate or to register to vote, need support with using a computer or w

ith filling in paper applications.

The GLA London-wide campaign’s slogan is “No Vote No Voice” – let’s make sure that’s not true for our Travellers.