If you have a traditional prepayment meter you should have received £400 worth of help with your energy bills from October, in six instalments of £66 or £67. But, £130 million was still unclaimed at the end of March and this was a particular problem in London.

The main problem seems to be that many prepayment customers were supposed to be paid automatically but those on traditional prepayment meters did not realise they were supposed to be sent their payments as vouchers. On top of this some customers did not receive the vouchers even though they had contacted their supplier, while others had problems cashing them. Customers being paid in vouchers need to visit a post office or PayPoint with identification, but some do not have the forms of identification requested.

Despite all these problems for the most vulnerable energy customers, who pay the highest prices,  the Government has put a deadline of 30th June 2023 on claiming and using these vouchers. If you or your friends and family have not received or claimed your vouchers, make sure you sort it out in time: they need to have been both received and claimed before June 30th.

Any lost, missing or expired vouchers can be reissued, as long as they are redeemed by the June 30th deadline . Those on a traditional prepayment meter who have not received the vouchers, don’t know how to use them, or need a voucher to be reissued, should contact their supplier.

If you’re having difficulties registering or getting vouchers to work, you can get help from Kathleen at STAG by ringing 0774 553 9630 or e-mailing development@southwarktravellersaction.org.uk. But be quick – time is running out to get what you’re entitled to.