Its a hectic month with Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month celebrations (see here), but we’re finally able to launch the annual STAG survey.

It’s a little later than planned, as we didn’t want to confuse things by running at the same time as the London Accommodation Needs survey, but it’s finally here for all Gypsies, Roma and Travellers, with a connection to Southwark, to complete online:

You are eligible to complete the survey even if you don’t live or work in Southwark. For example, if you have close family in the borough, you used to live in the borough or you would like to live in Southwark but can’t because there aren’t enough pitches or social housing available.

We also have paper copies of the survey and you can also do the survey by telephone or face-to-face. You can contact or ring our Senior Development Worker, Kathleen, on 0774 553 9630 to discuss the best way to get involved. We’re also committed to making sure that your data should be protected so all survey answers are stored anonymously and we delete anything that could be used to identify individuals, from survey comments.

This year we’ve increased the voucher we offer for completed surveys to £25 to recognise the expertise and knowledge you are sharing and the time taken to complete the survey. You can ask for a plastic card voucher to be sent to you by post or an e-voucher to be sent to your e-mail address. Please allow a few weeks, as we order the vouchers in batches.

Unlike the London Accommodation Needs Assessment survey, everyone living at one address can take the survey, and we’re happy for you to spread the word if you know friends or family who could help us.

But what’s it all for? Firstly we want to make sure that STAG is working in the best ways for all Gypsies, Roma and Travellers in Southwark, make contact with more people who are eligible to ask for support from us and learn how we can improve. But also it is more and more important to get funding for new projects and support, that we have data to show that there’s a need.

You can see the summaries of our 2021-22 surveys here:

Introduction, methods and demographics


Public services:

Hate Crime & Discrimination

Health & Well-Being

Employment & Cost of Living

And these results meant that:

– STAG was asked to work with Southwark Council and the Met Police to try and reduce hate crime and discrimination against Gypsies, Roma and Travellers and to improve police handling of reports.

– Southwark Public Health team helped us design this latest survey and are helping us to link in better with health services – we’ll be running sessions to introduce different (free) health and well-being services people may not know about, or how to access, over the next six months

– We’ve got some small amounts of funding to help with hardship, accessing training and supporting work experience – and will try and apply for more.

– We’re getting other organisations and London Assembly Members to push Southwark Council to get on with site refurbishments, re-opening Springtide Close and looking at where small family sites could be developed.

So get things off your chest, help STAG improve and make sure we’ve got the data to argue for change. We really value your support.

The survey link is: