STAG receives a lot of questions about changes to mobile home sizes and sheds on Traveller sites as a result of Fire Safety regulations. So we know that these requests are sometimes confusing for people. We’re often told that different standards seem to have been applied to different pitches.

Obviously we want everyone living on the sites to be protected from fires, but if people don’t understand what they are supposed to do and why, this becomes difficult.

So, we’re working with London Fire Brigade to hold an event where Gypsies, Roma and Travellers (particularly those living on sites) can come along and

  • find out more about fire safety
  • ask questions about your own fire safety issues and
  • tell the London Fire Brigade how they can work better with you so your fire safety concerns are considered and everyone works together to ensure that sites are safe.

We’re holding an initial event on 15th September from 5:00 – 7:00pm so that you can give us your views. We will be providing £20 vouchers to cover your time to take part, as we value your views, and will also be providing refreshments.

Please come along and let the Fire Brigade know some of the questions and concerns you have.

In wider work, the London Fire Brigade have already found out that they need to

  • communicate more about what they do outside emergency services
  • collaborate with trusted groups within the community and
  • be more visible and show they are standing up for Londoners.

But this is your chance to tell them how they can better support you and your family to make sure that your accommodation is fire safe, but also meets your other needs.

To book a place contact Kathleen on 07745539630 or e-mail